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Welcome to the Launch Communities Fair

The Launch Communities Fair is designed to introduce you to Launch’s 16 Career and Identity/Affinity Communities. Each one of these network, program, and space hubs are built to provide you with academic, co-curricular, and event opportunities, as well as to link you to potential mentors you can meet to further your exploration and goals. Each Community Launchpad page has information specifically curated for that Community. However, these are not communities of membership—they are communities of interest. You are free to explore as many as you would like. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

How it Works

The Launch Communities Fair will take place in two shifts from 3:00-4:30pm and  4:30-6:00pm on October 23, 2020. From this page, you’ll be able to visit as many of the 16 Launch Communities as you’d like. In each Community space, you’ll have the opportunity to interact virtually with Community-related faculty, Student Club leaders, and alums, employers, or staff. The people involved in each Community will change about halfway through the Fair, so be sure to check back into a session if you’d like more information. Listen to their stories and experiences associated with the Community, explore Community-related engagement, networking, and experiential opportunities, and ask many questions. When ready, simply come back to this page to find another Community of your interest and keep going!

Preparing for the Fair

  1. For all participants: To get the most out of the Launch Communities Fair, you’ll need to use the most recent version of Zoom. Please view this video for instructions on how to update.
  2. For all participants: Starting this week, Launch will be promoting a new Launchpad feature; our curated newsletter tool. Be sure to follow this guide to learn how to make the most of the information and resources that Launch provides.
  3. For students: There’s going to be a lot of information shared at the Fair! We encourage you to take some notes about what you’ve learned using this Form.

Launch Career Communities

Arts, Communications, and Languages

We believe the next generation of leaders need imagination, creativity, and courage to constructively engage the challenges and opportunities of our age. Coordinated by Yasmin Acosta.

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Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

This community is intended to connect Drew students and alums who share a passion for understanding the economy and the disciplines of economics and business across industries. Coordinated by Jenn Islam.

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International Opportunities

To prepare our students for a global job market of higher mobility and tighter interconnectedness than ever, Drew is devoted to cultivating the next generation of world leaders in all industries. Coordinated by Stacy Fischer.

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Medicine and Health Professions

This community is intended to connect  students, alums, and professionals whose interests relate to medicine, science, technology, health, or an intersection of the areas. Coordinated by Dunstanette Macauley-Dukuly.

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The Exploratory community helps build career pathways by connecting Drew students to opportunities and mentors geared towards making meaning of the Drew experience. Coordinated by Hannah Faustmann.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Sustainability

We believe that the next generation of  leaders needs the vision and tools to build a sustainable future. Coordinated by Juliette Lantz.

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Social Impact, Education, Law, and Government

This community brings together members of the Drew community who are seeking pathways to bettering their communities, or pursuing careers and opportunities to advocate for issues they care about and serve the public good. Coordinated by Amy Sugerman.

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Religion, Theology, and Ministry

This community is a place of wondering and exploration through the lens of religious understanding, theological reflection, and ministerial discernment. Coordinated by Tanya Linn Bennett and Antoine Porter.

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Identity/Affinity Communities

Commuter, Transfer, and Non-Traditional

This community offers a space for people who identify as or are interested in building the inclusivity, relationships, and support for commuters and nontraditional students. Coordinated by Stephanie Pelham.

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Faith, Religion, and Spirituality

This community invites all to explore the ways our differing faiths, religious traditions, and spiritual experiences challenge us to engage in connection, inclusion, and justice with one another. Coordinated by Tanya Linn Bennett and Antoine Porter.

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The First Generation Identity/Affinity Community, is a place where students can network with like-minded alums and professionals who are passionate about their journey as First-Generation students. Coordinated by Cordelza Haynes. 

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Gender and Sexuality

This community offers a space for people who identify with or are interested in the diversity of human gender and sexuality, as well as with its trials and opportunities. Coordinated by Steph Mazzarella.

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Limited Resources

The Limited Resources identity/affinity community is designed to facilitate opportunities, networking, collaboration, and mentorship, while helping students navigate the day-to-day campus experience. Coordinated by Nick Capodice.

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Ethnic / Racial Heritage

This community is designed to be a space for people who identify with or are interested in learning more about diversity and ethnic heritage backgrounds. Coordinated by Rachel Sawyer.

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Visible / Invisible Disabilities

The objective of this community is to establish a strong network of individuals to bolster up its members as they strive to achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. Coordinated by Megan McHugh.

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International Student

The International Student community is designed to be a space for people who identify with or have an affinity to the international student body at Drew. Coordinated by Max Zhang.

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Of course, we’d prefer to offer these events in-person on Drew’s campus this Fall. However, just because we’re not physically close to one another doesn’t mean that we’re not still here to support you. If you have any questions about these events, how to participate in them, or anything else Launch related, please feel free to reach out to us at launch@drew.edu.