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The Program

Join us from 3-5pm on October 2nd for the Launch Immersive Experiences Fair! You’ll be able to hear several live student presentations about different types of immersive experiences offered by the Launch Centers and their campus partners. From research on resistant bacteria to study abroad programs in Belize, the fair will showcase all sorts of student experiences you could explore including in your Drew curriculum/co-curriculum. Note that the bolded presentations below are held live (recordings to be available after the event). Remember to keep checking back to this page prior to the event; we’ll continue adding presentations leading up to the event date.


Travel across the Hudson or around the world. Rethink assumptions from a new vantage point. Explore your chosen field—or an entirely different one—in a new context. Connect with other industries and cultures, and to where you want to go from here. The Center for Global Education connects our undergraduate College of Liberal arts, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and Drew Theological School to the world. Interested in examples? See below:

  • Chris Coultas discusses his experience on the shortTREC in Belize;
  • LIVE: Gianalis Caba talks about Drew’s London Semester;
  • LIVE: Theresa Vaillancourt checks in about the nycTREC on Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Janelle Gayle talks about her experience on the theoTREC in El Salvador

Interested in more TREC information? Check out the Center for Global Education’s website or email them at globaled@drew.edu.

Student Research

Conduct research to further explore the science, arts or humanities paths you are considering. Research can help you develop applied transferable skills and self-efficacy, demonstrate specialized knowledge, build a stronger résumé or CV, pursue additional academic achievements or degrees, and expand your network and experience in your fields of interest. Below are live and recorded examples of research experiences:

  • Benjamin Strickland presents his research on resistant bacteria from the RISE Research program;
  • LIVE: Katelynn Fleming discusses her work at the Drew Summer Science Institute;
  • Abby Mohaupt presents her research on Fossil Fuels and Reformed Theology;

Student Leadership

Leadership of an on-campus club or organization can help develop organizational, leadership, and other skills.

  • LIVE: Jordyn Smith discusses her work at New Student Orientation;
  • Kareena Salvi reflects on her time in Drew Student Government;
  • LIVE: Younghak Lee presents “Being a Student Lead in 2020”;

Looking to get involved in a student organization? Check out The Path for more details.

On-campus Employment

On-campus student employment can be a powerful part of your Launch experience, of your academic, career or service exploration, and of your preparation for life after Drew. Positions vary widely, with approximately 30 Drew departments, offices, and centers offering jobs each year in a diverse range of areas. On-campus student employment is an excellent résumé-ready experience that can develop your transferable skills and prepare you for your future.

  • Alyssa Keifer presents her work as a Theo student employee in the Center for Civic Engagement;
  • LIVE: Matheus Macena de Carvalho discusses his work at the Facilities Service Response Center;
  • LIVE: Leah Wandera talks about working at the Tighman House;

Questions about on-campus employment? Reach out to career@drew.edu or visit the Center for Internships and Career Development.

CBL Courses and Civic Projects

Drew’s focus on experiential learning through the new Launch program means plenty of opportunities for real world experience. Take a Community Based Learning class and make an impact in your local community. Connect your passion for action with your academic interests at Drew. Want to learn how? Take a look at a few of the examples below:

  • Kate Fulton-John talks about her “Refugees and Resettlement” Community Based Learning experience;
  • LIVE: Nayah Ferris discusses her “Theatre in the Community” Community Based Learning course at the Newark Collaborative;
  • LIVE: Kirsten Trambley presents on Justice Ministry Education

Want to get involved? Check out the Center for Civic Engagement or email engage@drew.edu.


Internships are experiential learning opportunities that allow you to link your coursework and skills to a real-life work environment. These experiences allow you to gain resume-ready work experiences and develop your transferrable skills while helping establish your own professional network. Check out our internship presentations below:

  • LIVE: Gabriella Ramirez presents about her campaign internship with Solomon Rajput for US Congress;
  • Melissa Vander Plaats reflects on her internship with Green Faith
  • Victoria Adams presents on her internship at LawyerUp

Interested in internships? Reach out to interns@drew.edu or visit the Center for Internships and Career Development.


Of course, we’d prefer to offer these events in-person on Drew’s campus this Fall. However, just because we’re not physically close to one another doesn’t mean that we’re not still here to support you. If you have any questions about these events, how to participate in them, or anything else Launch related, please feel free to reach out to us at launch@drew.edu.