Non-Academic Career Pathways for Political Science Majors

In this interview, a Senior Fellow from the Brookings Institution offers some practical advice for political scientists seeking career pathways outside of academia. One great tip: “I’m a pretty big proponent of the idea that you shouldn’t go to graduate school of any kind until you feel pretty confident that what you want to do after going to graduate school requires that you go to graduate school in the first place.”

Learning about available pathways from professionals who have established themselves in their fields is one terrific way to better understand your options and what it takes to make it from point A to point B. Interviews like these can help to provide this insight, but be on the lookout for opportunities to connect with mentors as you navigate internships, attend workshops, and become more engaged in the community. You are also encouraged to connect with Drew alums who can share their experiences and how they transitioned from Drew to the professional world or into an advanced degree program.

Posted by Greg Townsend
Greg Townsend Director, Center for Internships and Career Development Greg Townsend