6 Reasons Why Interning At Dow Jones Is The Perfect Way To Spend Your Summer (And Start Your Career)

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Dow Jones internship program

Nearly everyone has heard of Dow Jones.
Whether it’s for their prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal or their world-class data and analytics
services, the company has made its mark on the business world.

Dow Jones has also made its mark as an
employer, especially with their internship program. In fact, they were named as
one of 2019’s Top 100 Internship Programs. To get a little
more insight as to how—and why—the Dow Jones intern experience lives up to the
company’s reputation for excellence, we spoke to a few current and former Dow
Jones interns.

Here’s what they told us.

1. Work In The Financial World—With A Creative, Collaborative Culture

“The best part about working here is the
culture. People want to see you succeed here,” Brandon, a Media Sales intern,

He’s referring, of course, to Dow Jones’s
celebrated culture of training and internal mobility. Whether it’s training to
help you transition roles or mentorship from managers, Brandon says, “there is
a team of people here in talent development who are constantly putting on
training sessions and webinars for people to learn more.”

While that’s an opportunity most people don’t
get until they start their first entry-level role, Dow Jones offers these
trainings to their intern team members. And that’s just one example of how Dow
Jones blends the fast-paced finance world with the collaborative culture of a
media company.

2. High-Stakes Projects And Responsibilities That Genuinely Touch The Business

Of course, with great training comes great
responsibility. And that’s one thing that every Dow Jones intern emphasized to
us: You get real work, right away.

“At the Dow Jones internship, there is no busy
work or coffee runs. Interns are given real projects that directly serve their
immediate teams and business areas,” Winston, a two-time summer intern, explains.

One intern shared her work on a data analysis
project that affected all new hires for a fiscal year; another told us about a
new solution he produced for the Customer Data Platform. All of this
responsibility, of course, is only possible because Dow Jones interns are
treated like real members of their teams.

3. The Capstone Competition

Chief among that business-critical work is
your capstone project—and the subsequent competition.

“All interns are given the opportunity to
develop a new event, product, or marketing campaign for the Wall Street
Journal’s Student Memberships team,” Winston tells us. “These group projects
are then judged in two rounds by senior-level managers with the hopes that the
best idea can be brought to life and implemented by the company.”

Not only can you help drive the business
forward, you can also network and build a lasting reputation for yourself at
the company.

4. Intern Events That Connect You With Senior Leaders (And Are A Ton Of Fun)

A rich calendar of events is one of the key
features of Dow Jones’s elite internship program.

Jones also organized an array of events for the interns. These events were
extremely informational and most of them had participation from our executive
committee, which was a great opportunity,” says Eesha, who
started an intern and has since successfully transitioned to a full-time role
at the company.

So whether you’re attending professional
panels packed with c-suite executives—including the company’s chief
executive—or you’re going on a social scavenger hunt through downtown
Princeton, you’ll be finding yourself growing as a professional, and as a person
alongside your fellow interns.

5. You’ll Learn From Successful Pros In A Hyper-Competitive Space

“The media landscape is changing,” Brandon
explains. “And that makes it a great time to join Dow Jones, because new people
at the company can be a part of the innovation in the media space.”

With prestigious brands like the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Factiva, and Barron’s under the same roof, Dow Jones
is responsible for a wide array of innovative and industry-leading business
practices—and that’s something you can be a part of as an intern. Working
alongside successful people in an industry that’s constantly shifting with the
course of technology and consumer trends is the perfect way to practice for a
fast-paced career.

“Dow Jones heavily invests in each intern to
equip them with industry knowledge and professional skills to flourish in any
setting,” Eesha says. “And one of the projects that help prepare me the most
was analyzing pay data in the EMEA region and presenting that data to the VP of

And the projects weren’t the only way that
Eesha and her peers learned from experienced Dow Jones leaders.

of the interns were assigned a mentor for the 10 weeks,” Eesha tells us. “We
discussed our not only our daily projects but also our career goals and path.”

6. Join A Culture That’s Diverse—In More Ways Than You’d Expect

With so many different business areas,
diversity is a necessity for Dow Jones. As thought leaders in the diversity and inclusion
space, they’re acutely aware of the business benefits that diverse teams can
bring to a company—and what it takes to get there. That’s something that all of
the Dow Jones interns noticed during their time with the company.

“The culture of Dow Jones encourages great
people to be themselves. Each person is treated with kindness and respect,”
Brandon says.

And that respect wasn’t just for differences
in background or beliefs, it was a wider understanding that everyone’s unique
skill sets and ways of thinking—throughout the company—contribute to the

“There is a place for each person in the company whether they are in technology, marketing, newsroom, design, sales, etc. Each department and role is crucial to the success of the company,” he says.

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