This Company Wants To Give You Your Next Job—And They’re Hiring All Year Round

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After graduation, Sara worked in finance within the aerospace industry. While she loved the specifics of her role, she wanted more interaction with clients.

She had identified skills she wanted to develop, but the opportunities she wanted just weren’t available at her old job. One thing was apparent: It was time for the next step.

That’s when she heard about the Bloomberg Analytics and Sales program. She was able to land a position in an upcoming training class by displaying her interest in the financial industry, her desire to interact with clients, and understanding of Bloomberg.  After going through the interview process, Bloomberg recognized her hunger for knowledge and matched it with an opportunity to learn right away. The company is known for a lot of things—like their world-class training programs, but what was really exciting was their year-round hiring cycle, which meant they were always looking for new employees to join the team.

Here’s how all of these factors made Sara’s “next job” her best job—and how that became the first step toward the career she really wanted.

Bloomberg’s Training Program Helps Everyone Learn Fast – And Keep Learning

Sara’s training focused on utilizing Bloomberg’s flagship product, the Terminal, to assess different financial products, decisions, and interactions. The combination of classroom learning and on the job training covered topics like the financial markets, Bloomberg’s products and clients, and customer service. Basically, she was learning what she needed to assist Bloomberg customers with specific financial questions.

At first, she was learning basic Terminal navigation across all asset classes, which enabled her to start helping clients with more general questions.

Sara then specialized in equity and fixed-income products. After several months in the role, Analytics representatives have the opportunity to focus on a specific asset class and become subject matter experts. They receive additional training so they can be best equipped to assist clients.

“The training is the most wonderful part, because you learn so much and they put so much time and effort into you,” Sara says. “It’s really great knowing that a company wants to invest in you that much.”

Bloomberg Encourages Employees To Create Their Own Career Path

Bloomberg’s training programs are continuously available to employees looking to expand their skills and develop professionally. The firm is focused on not only hiring top talent, but also nurturing it and making sure that everyone has a goal and a way to get there.

For example, employees in the Analytics department typically transition into a Sales 18-24 months after joining Bloomberg. At this point, the company recognizes Analytics representatives have become experts on the products and services, and are well equipped to support clients more directly by becoming Account Managers. Within Sales, Account Managers develop new skillsets such as maintaining relationships with existing clients on a daily basis to ensure that clients utilize the products in the most efficient way. Depending on the team’s coverage, Account Managers have the opportunity to travel and meet with clients in person.

Bloomberg’s career development opportunities come in a variety of different formats so employees can create their own path, from the structured training programs place to launch a career, and later the ability to grow through different areas within the organization.

“You’re never going to get bored in the same position. You’re constantly going to be learning new things. You’re constantly going to be asked to do new things,” Sara explains. “You’re always looking forward to something new, that next step, that next role. And you know that it’s within your grasp.”

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