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We’re a few weeks into the new year, and it’s that magical time of setting (and forgetting) New Year’s resolutions! Trying the Beyoncé cleanse may be worth ditching a couple of weeks into 2020. But setting a goal to make some career leaps is one worth sticking to! Whether you’re still in college or a recent grad trying to stick to that goal, doing an internship at one of these seven organizations can help you get there!

Center for Gender and Refugee Studies (San Francisco, CA)

The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies is dedicated to providing legal services to women, children, and LGBT individuals fleeing gender harm and seeking asylum.

It Gets Better Project (West Hollywood, CA) 

It Gets Better started as a social media movement meant to provide hope to young LGBTQ+ people and turned into a well-known organization that helps LGBTQ+ youth feel connected to each other and empowered in their identities.

Camp Starfish (Stow, MA)

Camp Starfish is dedicated to helping children with social, emotional, learning, and behavioral needs by providing year-round programs in a one-on-one setting.

Power to Decide- Washington, DC

Power to Decide works to ensure that young people are educated about their sexual and reproductive health so they can make informed decisions and become advocates for themselves.

The Play Company (New York, NY)

The Play Company produces plays that explore new ideas and push marginalized voices to the forefront while providing affordable and accessible theater experiences to New York City area.

Doctors Without Borders (New York, NY)

As one of the most well-known relief organizations, Doctors Without Borders is dedicated to providing emergency medical relief to those who are facing health crises as a result of war, natural disasters, civil strife, or epidemics.

Ladies Empowerment & Action Program (Miami, FL)

Ladies Empowerment & Action Program (LEAP) empowers incarcerated women to move forward by providing education, entrepreneurial training and mentorship as tools towards a well- adjusted life after prison.


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By Janet Reyes - Idealist Careers
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