5 Reasons To Start (And Grow) Your Career At Freddie Mac

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Freddie Mac—also known as the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation—is an essential facet of the U.S. economy. They help millions of America’s families realize their goal to own or rent a home. But it doesn’t stop there: the company places a priority on helping their employees realize their goals too.

Here are five reasons to make this mission-driven company your destination employer.

1. There Are Plenty Of Functions And Departments—So You Can Find Your Dream Role

Marisa joined Freddie Mac after college in their Financial Analyst Rotational Program. She had an interest in finance and a desire to make an impact. Beyond that, though, she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted in her job. And that actually worked out perfectly. Freddie Mac has a wide variety of departments, offerings and functions, so no matter where your interests and talents lie, you can find a role that works best for you.

In her rotational analyst program, Marisa was able to experience many of those facets of Freddie Mac in just two years.

“Being able to ‘test drive’ four completely different jobs was a unique opportunity that helped me narrow down exactly what I wanted to do,” Marisa explains. “I sat down and thought about what I liked best about each of my four rotations and sought a job that encompassed all of those things. This helped me find a fulfilling role that matched my skill sets and interests.”

Throughout her time in the program, she learned a ton from hands-on experience and Freddie Mac’s FMYou program, which offers personalized continuous learning opportunities on all aspects of employees’ professional and personal growth.

Now, Marisa is a Multifamily Real Estate Underwriting Analyst, continuing to deliver on Freddie Mac’s mission and making a tangible impact in the communities they serve.

2. You Can Contribute To An Amazing Mission (In More Ways Than One)

Making homeownership and rental housing more accessible and affordable is a noble cause. And it’s not just through their core functions in the secondary mortgage market of the financial services industry that Freddie Mac accomplishes this goal. The company (and their employees) are also dedicated to giving back through community service.

Take the company’s decades-long partnership with Habitat for Humanity, for example. Freddie Mac folks don’t shy away from picking up a hammer, climbing up a ladder and, quite literally, building a home. In 2018 alone, employees dedicated more than 9,000 hours serving the communities in which they live and work.

And if you’re like most people at Freddie Mac, then you’re probably wondering what other opportunities there are to help out. That’s where the company’s volunteer group, the Community Crew, comes in.

3. They’re Serious About Inclusion & Diversity (And Many People Agree)

When you serve a coast-to-coast constituency like Freddie Mac does, inclusion and diversity is a mission-critical must.

The company’s efforts to cultivate a diverse, inclusive environment are well-documented—and well-recognized. It starts with the numbers: Freddie Mac is a majority-minority company, women and minorities make up nearly half their workforce.

They’ve been recognized many times for their emphasis on diversity and their inclusive practices –Working Mother magazine named them a top spot for multicultural women, the National Association for Female Executives recognized them as a leading location for female executive talent, and the Human Rights Equality Index and Disability Equality Index have repeatedly awarded the company a top, 100% score for their inclusive practices.

Recently, Freddie Mac was also recognized by the Profiles in Diversity Journal with two Innovations in Diversity Awards for their Autism Internship Program and LGBT & Housing Insights report. These initiatives can help people far beyond the boundaries of the company and are just two examples of how Freddie Mac fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

4. Start Paying Down Student Loans, Getting That Graduate Degree, And Even Buying A Home

As a financial services company, Freddie Mac is acutely aware of the financial burdens recent graduates are facing. That’s why they have their student loan assistance program. Over a five-year period, eligible employees receive contributions totaling up to $9,000 toward their student loan payments.

And if you’re already thinking about your next educational endeavor, the company also provides up to $10,000 a year for eligible tuition expenses. So, if you have your sights set on an MBA program, working for Freddie Mac could be the perfect opportunity to help make that happen.

Thinking one step further down the line, Freddie Mac offers financial assistance for first-time homebuyers too. As a member of the Freddie Mac team, you can qualify for up to $12,000 in assistance when you’re buying your first home. How’s that for a long-term plan?

5. Be Well, Live Well (With Amazing Benefits)

It’s not all learning and working. Taking time off is an essential part of employees’ total well-being too. And at Freddie Mac, every entry-level employee at the company gets at least 15 days of paid vacation every year. (That number gets bigger over time too.)

But the policy isn’t just about giving you time to relax; it’s a commitment to your physical and emotional well-being. Get in your steps or daily workout at the on-site gym, which is open 14 hours a day during the work week. And you can rest easy knowing that the Wellness Center is there for you, offering free on-site health care services and advice, including free yearly flu shots.

Whether you’re in the office or taking time away from it, Freddie Mac has your back.

From your total well-being to transformational work, it’s a dynamic time to join Freddie Mac, where you’ll break through boundaries, learn to take calculated risks and see your ideas take shape.

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