Women’s Health and Education as a Path to Peace, A Conversation With Dr. Ilzzeldin Abuelaish, MD, MPH


“All can live in harmony. And all can reach their full potentials spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.”

Dr. Ilzzeldin Abuelaish is a five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and internationally recognized human rights and peace activist.  Known as the “Martin Luther King of the Middle East”, and often referred to as the “Gaza  Doctor” in the media, Dr. Abuelaish is a Palestinian medical doctor and infertility specialist devoted to advance health and education opportunities for women and girls in the Middle East.

The Shirley Sugarman Interfaith Forum is pleased to welcome the community to a conversation with Dr. Abuelaish on the topic of Women’s Health and Education as a Path to Peace.  Come join us for an inspiring discussion.

About the Shirley Sugerman Interfaith Forum 

The Shirley Sugerman Interfaith Forum was established in 1991 and endowed by Dr. Shirley Sugerman G ’70, Drew trustee emerita, and other donors. The forum provides a venue for interdisciplinary exchanges between and among scholars, teachers, religious leaders, and members of the larger community interested in exploring issues of interfaith understanding, the diversity of religiously-based ethical perspectives, and the political, social, and cultural conflicts caused by the clash of religious traditions.

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Sari Pascoe Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sari Pascoe