Putting Study Abroad to Work

In an increasingly global economic market, employers are strategically seeking to hire employees with cross-cultural professional skills. A global experience can help students develop adaptability skills, challenge their creative problem solving abilities and increase their tolerance for uncertainty.  According to Erasmus Student Network’s recent study, students who study abroad are less likely to suffer from long-term unemployment and over 64% of employees value an international experience for recruitment.

Learn more how study abroad can jump start your career by checking out Vault Career’s Travel Resume Guide!

In addition to improving employability odds, studying abroad is a holistic experience and can shape personal identity and expand worldview. Drew’s Center for Global Education offers a variety of global experiences through their many TRECs (Travel, Rethink, Explore, Connect). Depending on your academic and professional goals, schedule and interest, Drew has a TREC for you. Earn academic credit while developing resume building skills by participating on a TREC. Scholarships and/or financial aid can be applied to most TRECs.

Fall 2020 long TREC, London Semester and nycTREC applications are due March 10th. You can even participate in an international internship by participating on Drew’s signature London Semester next fall. Learn more by visiting https://www.drew.edu/global-education/ or contact Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director: Center for Global Education to learn more.

If you have already studied abroad, be sure to attend the Post-Study Abroad Workshop: Putting Study Abroad to Work on February 17th in The Space from 5-6pm.

Posted by Hannah Faustmann
Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director, Center for Global Education