How to Write Like a Journalist: 8 Tips

To effectively tell a story, learn to write like a journalist. The same techniques writers use for Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism in the New York Times can be applied to any type of writing, like a novel, academic writing, or blogging. Thinking like a journalist allows a writer to create a compelling story that hooks the reader from the first sentence.

Journalistic writing is the writing style news organizations use to assemble a story. A news story has a hierarchy of information, beginning with the main points at the top of the piece. News articles follow a specific set of guiding principles, like the Associated Press style (also known as AP style), for grammar and vocabulary. While newspapers and television were, until recently, the primary outlets for reporting current events and human interest stories, journalists now write for a variety of online media outlets and podcasts.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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