Tips for Interns: Grow your network on the job!

Finding a summer internship is a great opportunity, but many employers look far beyond just the internship when recruiting for the summer. Although students may be focused on only finding a summer internship, employers often have more long-term goals in mind and are looking to use this time and the training it takes to build on its future workforce. According to The Balance Careers “It is well known that most employers use their internship pool of candidates first when considering new hires to fill full-time positions within the company. Internships are in a sense a way to interview and train the next set of new hires for the organization”.

As an intern, it’s important to develop relationships with people both within and outside of your department, since you never know where an opportunity may present itself. If you are just starting your spring internship or are planning on starting one in the summer properly introducing yourself is a very important first step in building both professional and personal relationships with your coworkers. Read these great tips on how to introduce yourself and tips for turning your internship into a full time job!

Posted by Carolyn Parelli
Carolyn Parelli Associate Director Carolyn Parelli