Join The Communications Company That’s Changing The Industry For Good

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Chances are you don’t really know CenturyLink. Even if they’re your (or your parents’) phone or internet company, CenturyLink is a massive communications technology company that does way more than meets the eye.

Gone are the days of simply being a phone or an Internet company. CenturyLink now owns and operates approximately 450,000 route miles of fiber—almost enough to reach the moon—which provides the backbone for some of the most important digital infrastructure in the world.

Here’s a look at the new CenturyLink, what the innovative technology company really does, and why that makes the company such an interesting place to start your career.

From The Front Parlor To 5G Tech

CenturyLink started as regional telephone company in the front parlor of the founder’s home in 1930. Nowadays, they’re better known for delivering adaptive networking, cloud connectivity, and advanced security solutions to customers around the world than for being the old phone company.

So what else are they up to besides being a network provider? CenturyLink is pushing the edge of emerging technology implementation and creative application of robotics. They have more than 80 process-automation projects in the works. With artificial intelligence alone, CenturyLink has 30 unique applications on the books. In addition to these cutting-edge technologies, CenturyLink is implementing machine learning and sits at the heart of the 5G revolution, which is a crucial role in the ever-evolving Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Smart homes, smart cars, smart cities, these are all things that CenturyLink technology is helping to bring about, faster and better than many could have imagined.

CenturyLink People Have The Opportunity To Make A Global Impact

Working at CenturyLink is a chance to take these emerging technologies and help use them to make a global impact.

Right now, people at CenturyLink are leveraging the company’s extensive global fiber network and unique technologies to enable businesses to meet the growing digital demands of doing business and to empower consumers to live the digital lifestyle they desire. CenturyLink strives to be the trusted connection to the networked world and their teams focus on delivering technology that enhances the customer experience, no matter what that looks like.

CenturyLink’s impressive network allows for the IT agility to enable telemedicine applications through faster application delivery and increased business responsiveness. Think about a doctor performing an advanced surgery from the other side of the world or process automation enabling the intricate assembly of today’s advanced automobiles. How’s that for a high-impact industry?

Whether it’s life-saving tech or just life-improving tech, CenturyLink people are at the heart of communications innovation. Their technologies are also at the core of the digital home, providing smooth access to media or great gaming experiences. Strong and secure connections are essential given the increasing needs of an ever-growing assortment of smart-home devices.

CenturyLink truly is at the heart of the digital entertainment that millions of people enjoy every day. In other words, they design adaptive content delivery solutions for businesses that demand scalable and reliable video distribution. Their combined CDN (content delivery network) and peer-to-peer technology enable live and video-on-demand (VOD) broadcasters to improve quality, increase geographic reach, and effectively scale. The same network and technologies allow businesses to securely link data centers and cloud environments in real-time to meet growing hybrid cloud demands.

Working for CenturyLink is an opportunity not only to learn from experts at a successful, global company, but a chance to become a part of the next generation of experts yourself. You could be the next 5G guru or digital entertainment mastermind. You just have to start with CenturyLink.

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