Student Spotlight: Izabella Louk C’20

Izabella Louk C’20

  • Majors: Theatre Arts and Chinese Studies
  • Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theatre Honors Society
  • Launch Career Community: Arts, Communications & Languages
  • Launch Identity/Affinity Community: International Student
  • Clubs: Chair of the Drew University Dramatic Society (DUDS)
  • Vice President of the Drew University Football team (Improv Troupe)
  • Student Producer of Plays in Process Board (stage readings of student playwrights)
  •  On-Campus Jobs: Tour Guide for Admissions, and House Manager and ticket seller at the Kean Theatre Box Office

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Australia.

What attracted you to Drew?

I was attracted to Drew because it offered me the option to study both Theater and Chinese, instead of having to focus on a single area of study. I also loved the campus the moment I saw it on my tour!

What draws you to theater?

What I love about theater is that in its most boiled down, essential form, it’s just storytelling and playing. Something that is so ingrained in humanity, has been expanded out to this wonderful art form, and I get to engage with it every day!

Have you done any internships?

I interned at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center my Sophomore year in their Community Engagement department. I loved interning there, as it showed me how the arts could be used to engage and bring community together. I am currently interning at Telsey+Company, a casting office in New York. Working in such a fast-paced, professional environment has been fantastic, and I am learning so much, in a hands-on manner.

Have you studied abroad or done any nyc, short or longTRECs?

Two summers ago I did the  Theater Immersion in the United Kingdom shortTREC to London and Edinburgh. We saw a show each evening, and discussed it in class the next day. Being able to directly compare the theater scene in the UK, against theater in New York, and at home in Sydney, was eye-opening, and showed me how even if storytelling is approached differently, it is still universal.

Last year (2019) I participated in the Semester on NY Theatre. Learning from Tectonic Theater Project teaching artists, and then devising our own original piece of theater and performing it in New York, helped me to re-focus my goals for after college.

What are some of your favorite memories of Drew?

I will miss the forest and the friends and family I’ve made here, a lot. I want to continue to work in theater post-graduation. Drew has given me such a strong grounding in multiple facets of theater, that I feel prepared for whatever opportunities or curve-balls may come my way. Looking back over my last four years at Drew, I can see that I have learned and grown enormously, beyond what I could have imagined.

What issue(s) are you passionate about?

I am a tea enthusiast, and a big fan of recycling and the environment. I believe climate change is a shared issue that cannot be solved without everyone’s input and voice, and one I am campaigning for passionately.

What advice would you give first-year students?

Don’t stress too much, and go where opportunities and life takes you. The best friends, experiences, and things you will learn in life will come from unexpected places.


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