Join Us – Faith Community Call for Care and Resilience calls

The Reverend Fletcher Harper and the GreenFaith team invite everyone to two weekly Faith Community Call for Care and Resilience calls.  The calls will be on Thursdays at 11AM and 4PM EST. 

Reverend Fletcher writes, “More than one thousand of us–people of faith and spirit–came together online every day in the last two weeks in our daily Faith Community Calls for Care and Resilience. Together, we paused and reflected, found spiritual respite, and shared ways to build a deeper community during this global COVID-19 crisis. We are so grateful to you for being there.  Beginning this week and moving forward, we are shifting from a daily call to a weekly call, repeated at different times to accommodate our global GreenFaith members. Please join us every Thursday, starting April 2nd, at either 11 am or at 4 pm New York Time (you can find your local time here.)“

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Posted by John Fracchia
John Fracchia John Fracchia