MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) Online Resources

The AEF is the bridge that connects the advertising, marketing and academic communities. Together they educate and inspire the next generation of talent while advancing the understanding of marketing and advertising in society. Created in 1983 and supported by three constituencies, advertising, media and marketing, the AEF is a 501(c)3 operating foundation. They create and distribute educational content to improve the understanding and appreciation of the societal role of advertising and marketing through our programs on college campuses across the country.

The MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) summer internship program originated from the findings about the need to have a robust internship experience as a critical step to future entry-level employment in the advertising and marketing industry. The AEF is here to help students navigate these challenging times and are providing open access to career and industry resources, virtual events, and mentorship opportunities typically only offered to MADE interns. They want all students regardless of whether you have an internship or not, to have a productive and engaging summer.

“Despite all that’s happening in the world right now, it’s still an incredibly exciting time to join the advertising and marketing industry! As brands respond to rapidly changing technology, an ever-complex society, and a challenging global health & economic crisis, we need your voice, your talent and your passion now more than ever.”

Check this page often for new programs, resources and updates available to students.


Posted by Carolyn Parelli
Carolyn Parelli Associate Director Carolyn Parelli