As a social impact organization, we are committed to the work of anti-racism on individual, societal, and organizational levels.

We believe the Be Social Change framework for impact may offer a structure to engage:

  • Be (personal transformation) – Read, learn, unpack our own unconscious biases
  • Social (societal transformation) – Listen, ask how we can help, share our voices
  • Change (organizational transformation) – Protest, donate, ask our organizations what steps they are taking to end racism

We hope to see you on Wednesday night for the Future of Education – an event we’ve decided to make free to discuss the importance of social justice and ending systemic racism within K-12 education – so that all people can engage in this topic together. Sign up here to join the discussion

Posted by Dawn LoMauro
Dawn LoMauro Operations Manager/Exec Asst to the Assoc Provost Dawn LoMauro