8 Things to Know When Auditioning for a Commercial

Many A-list actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Mila Kunis, and Steve Carell, got their start in commercials. Whether national or local, the medium continues to be a great place to build a lasting and fruitful acting career. Looking to break in? Casting directors Ellen Jacoby of Miami and Los Angeles–based Stuart Stone, author of the book “The Keys to Commercial Acting,” can help! Leaders of their respective markets—Jacoby was among the first to begin casting Spanish-language commercials 30 years ago—the two have cast campaigns for AT&T, Best Buy, KFC, Chevy, Microsoft, Nissan, Hasbro, L’Oréal, and countless more. They know a thing or two about what works—and what doesn’t—in the commercial casting room. Below, they’ve got eight invaluable, off-the-cuff tips for your next audition.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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