Interview Questions To Determine If A Company Is As Inclusive As It Claims

Ask any company whether they’re diverse and inclusive, and most will probably answer “yes.” Not many hiring managers would want to admit that they have trouble recruiting or a problem retaining members of diverse backgrounds. Don’t make the mistake of taking that answer at face value, you run the risk of joining a company that “talks a big game”, but fails to take action.

The interview process is an opportunity not only for a company to get to know you, but a chance for you to get to know the company.   There  are a number of questions you can ask during the interview that will help determine the organizations commitment to equality and inclusion.  This Fast Company article is a resource for interviewing questions surrounding an organization’s diversity commitment. It is also a starting point for companies to ask themselves these questions.

Posted by Carolyn Parelli
Carolyn Parelli Associate Director Carolyn Parelli