Students of Color Peer Mentoring Interest Form

“My name is Gabriella Ramirez. I am a rising Sophomore here at Drew University. During my first year at Drew as a Latinx woman, I felt alone, isolated, and that I had no support as a student of Color. Feeling that I had no resources, I wanted to change that narrative for other students of Color in collaboration with Rachel Sawyer who serves as the Coordinator of Residential Engagement and Diversity Programming here at Drew. Rachel who identifies as a Black woman, is passionate about supporting, advocating, and building a sense of community for students of Color on campus.

As we welcome the Class of 2024, we felt the need to implement a Students of Color Peer Mentoring Program to support, advocate, and create community on Drew’s campus. The goal and focus of this mentoring program for first year students of Color would be to address and combat the issues many first year students of Color can face. Mentors will be supporting first year students academically, socially, time management, and offer assistance for any needs all with a lens of identities students may hold in mind. The purpose is additionally to help students of Color acclimate into Drew and to build a strong foundation. This program is meant to implement a place of support, finding your place here at Drew!

If you have any questions please contact Gabriella Ramirez at or Rachel Sawyer at”

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Posted by Jennifer Islam
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