Student Spotlight: Jereme Johnson C’20

What attracted you to Drew?
It was the atmosphere of the campus, the trees, the people, and the excellent academics. I attended the Kiski School for high school in Pittsburg, PA and I knew by my senior year that I wanted to major in Business.

Why are you drawn to the field of business?

I was entrepreneurial since I was a child.  I would sell candy, cut grass, etc.  There was always a side hustle. Now I am very passionate about investing.

Have you done any internships? 

Since May 26th I’ve been interning full time at Tableau Software, the  # 1 data analytics company.  As an intern I sell software, prospect leads, and develop my own messaging.  It has also given me an opportunity to network by interviewing top executives within the company. My assistant coach for the basketball team, Scott Gibbs, works at this company, and offered me the opportunity to work there.  I love everything about it, the people and friendly atmosphere have spoiled me in terms of work culture.  I would love to work here full time in the near future.

Do you have any mentors at Drew? 

My Head coach in Basketball, Darrell Keckler and my Assistant Coach, Scott Gibbs; they’ve guided me throughout my time here.

What world issue(s) are you most passionate about?

Educating those with limited resources about financial literacy.

What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would love to have solidified a job, hopefully as an account executive at Tableau Software.  I also hope to have my loans paid off and be completely debt free.

In general, what advice would you give first-year students?

Take your time.  Look at all the opportunities. I wish I had interned earlier.  The years go by fast.  Put yourself ahead of the pack, put your best foot forward, and reach out to people.

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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