Internship/ INTC 200 Updates for Fall 2020 

Internship/ INTC 200 Updates for Fall 2020 

Are you considering completing an internship for credit this fall? The registration process and requirements for internships have changed for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Registering your internship

  1. Students must have already been hired by their internship organization and have identified their Job Supervisor and Faculty Evaluator;
  2. Complete the Internship Application Form;
  3. After the application form has been received and approved, you’ll receive an email to be enrolled in the Google Classroom course, INTC 200,  where you can find and upload assignments;
  4. Complete the Student Learning Contract (available on the Google Classroom page);
  5. Send the Faculty Confirmation Form, and Job Supervisor Confirmation Form to the appropriate people for completion.  

Credit Requirements

Students must complete 70 active working hours for 0 and 2 credit internships and 155 active working hours for 4 credit internships. Students must submit Midterm and Final timesheets. For the Final Paper/Project, students will submit a paper or a poster in which they reflect on the skills gained through their internship experience. There are no other written requirements for the Fall 2020 semester, in an effort to be mindful of the stressors present due to COVID-19. 

Off-campus internships can be registered for 0-, 2-, or 4-credit courses that meet the off-campus experience requirement for the classes of 2021 and 2022, and the immersive experience requirement for the classes of 2023 and 2024. 

COVID-19 Restrictions

For any internships held off-campus and in-person, the internship site/organization must be able to provide proof of adhering to state and executive orders. Remote internships will be welcomed and approved for credit this semester. 

Internship Search Resources

To find internship opportunities, visit the following resources: 

For more information, please visit the Career Center’s Internships page. Please email with any questions. 

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