How to Become a Freelance Writer While You’re in College

Being broke while in college might be a cliche, but it’s also the norm. Finding the right way to earn a decent income in school can be a huge challenge. Most of the jobs that are easy to get pay close to minimum wage and do little to build your resume. Jobs that pay well and contribute meaningfully to your experience often have inflexible schedules. So what’s a student to do if they want to become a freelance writer?

Freelance writing jobs for beginners can be a great way to earn income while using your expertise during college — and it can ease your transition after graduation. If you’re like me, you might even find it’s actually your dream job! College is the perfect time to start building your freelance experience; at no other time will you be exposed to so many great ideas and have such easy access to expert sources and a variety of opinions.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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