Student Spotlight: Luca Rampazzo C’21

Luca Rampazzo C’21

What attracted you to Drew?

I grew up in Padua, in the northeastern part of Italy, and was looking for a small university with a solid fencing team after competing with the European Fencing Championship for Italy.  I also liked Drew’s Semester on Wall Street and that the university was close to New York City. I majored in Economics in Italy and planned to major in Business at Drew.

Have you done any internships?

Before coming to Drew I did an accounting internship in Venice and another internship in Bangkok at an international law firm. I was in charge of business development for international clients.  I enjoyed my time there very much. Clients came from all over the world because there were a lot of opportunities for investments.  I was helping them with their plans.  This past summer I did an internship with Leonid DeWarrior, a Drew alum. He worked in the banking sector for many years and moved to Amsterdam and started his own consulting firm DeWarrior Unlimited B.V.  I am still doing this internship remotely until the end of the year.  After seeing Leonid DeWarrior on a Drew panel, I contacted Carol Bassie, Director of Alumni and Parent Communities, to request his email address.  I then contacted him and told him I loved what he talked about during the panel and told him I was interested in learning all about his business. We had a long telephone call and I offered my help and two days later, he offered me a remote internship. This is a strategical consulting firm for businesses based on sustainability so we work with start-ups and huge consulting firms that are looking for strategic plans and innovation.  I love it!

Do you have any mentors at Drew?

Two of my mentors are my fencing coaches – Head Coach Vincent Paragano and Assistant Coach Michael Bindas. They helped me a lot through the bureaucratic work and on a personal level.  I have grown a lot thanks to them during and outside of competitions.

What draws you to the field of Business? 

I love sports and the idea of managing sports teams.  I also like finance and forming relationships with people.   I would love to have a career that combines sports, finance or big tech to make an impact.

What issue in the world means the most to you?

I work at a consulting firm that is focused on sustainability and it was attractive to me because I want to make the planet a better place both on a sustainable level, fighting global warming and all that is behind that, and then on a human rights aspect.

What are your career goals? Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

My main goal on a sports level is to go to the Olympic games. On a career level I would like to combine behavioral finance and artificial intelligence or data to understand what the next steps are for the tech companies. I am going to apply to a Master’s in Behavior and Decision Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.  That’s my goal for next year.

Fun fact you would like to share?

I love going to the seaside and swimming and snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea.  I also enjoy Padel which is similar to tennis but it’s in a cage.

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