3 steps for integrating art into other classes

  • Art works can act as vehicles to learning about historical events, wrote seventh grade U.S. history teacher Ron Litz for Edutopia, who outlined three ways educators can use art work as a teaching tool in a history class.
  • To start, educators may want to select pieces of art that students already know. That can be either a specific work, such as a famous painting, or a better known format, such as a political cartoon. Next, teachers should offer an interpretation of the art work, and then give students a chance to analyze the work on their own. Educators can suggest students look at details from color used in the work, to symbolism employed as well.
  • Third, educators can then ask how a piece of art reflects the time it represents in its subject matter, and what the artist chose to emphasize. Students may also want to analyze additional pieces of art, to consider how other artists portrayed that same moment similarly or differently.
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Posted by Dawn LoMauro
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