Here Are 10 Six-Figure Jobs You Can Get With a Music Degree

Who says you can’t make money with a music degree? One of the top concerns that I get from parents working with me is their wondering what their children will be able to do career-wise with a degree in music. In the past, I have redirected these troubled guardians to a previous article I wrote, in which I outline 70+ careers that musicians can get with a music degree. However, it is worth noting that some careers typically pay more than others in the music industry.

My only disclaimer: It is true that nearly any career in the music industry can eventually pay 6 figures. You can be sure that many successful performing artists in almost every genre make well into the 6-figures, with the most successful making 7-figures. Music producers, musical theatre artists, songwriters, and even teachers all have commanded six figure salaries when the demand for their abilities calls for it.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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