Jobs with the State of NJ!

STUDENTS FROM ALL MAJORS looking for work should consider a job in state gov’t. They are hiring, the benefits are great, and there are many opportunities.  On April 14, the Launch Social Impact Career Community with the Center for Civic Engagement hosted a Zoom meeting with NJ Civil Service HR representative Joseph Forte.  Check out the video recording and links below.  Mr. Forte welcomes any questions from students looking to apply to a job in the Civil Service. He’s a great guy and can be very helpful! Email him at  Finally, there are many Drew alums working in the state govt, so reach out on Drew Connect or to for connections.
For an overview of the Civil Service and working for the state, watch the meeting recording; then check out the links. Pay particular attention to the Trainee positions.

Meeting Recording:

Helpful links provided by Mr. Joseph Forte:

Link to jobs:  (as of this posting, there are about 50 jobs currently listed. Prior to Covid there were about 250. Joe expects there will be about 150 more added after the crisis ends).

TRAINEE POSITIONS: (Career Center Director Greg Townsend called them the “Golden Tickets” — you apply without taking the test; it’s a one year position with benefits, after which you are eligible for union membership and can move around to other positions) From Mr. Forte: “Non-competitive positions do not have the $25 application fee. I recommend that your students apply to as many as possible as they are free and just require emailing resume/cover letter listed in the PDF!”  There are often multiple openings for each position listed.
Employment Services Trainee (Non-Competitive) New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Analyst Trainee (Non-Competitive) New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
Analyst Trainee (Non-competitive) New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety
Family Service Specialist Trainee (Non-competitive) New Jersey Department of Children and Families


Posted by Amy Sugerman
Amy Sugerman Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement Amy Sugerman