Relationships, equity remain essential for curriculum to connect in remote learning

  • Focusing on relationships with students, families and staff is key to making curriculum connect in remote learning, education consultant Brianna Hodges and Future Ready Schools Director of Innovation Thomas Murray, who share a keynote at the 2021 Future of Education Technology Conference, tell District Administration.
  • Not only must leaders continue to know their “why,” in regard to what drives them in their work, but they must strive to understand the ways the “what” and “how” factors have changed across the school community, including the challenges and traumas students and staff face due to COVID-19 and other current events.
  • Additionally, there must be a continuing acknowledgment that equity doesn’t stop at simply providing a device and internet to every student, but that curriculum must also meet students at their own pace and feature content relatable to their own experiences.
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Posted by Dawn LoMauro
Dawn LoMauro Operations Manager/Exec Asst to the Assoc Provost Dawn LoMauro