Student Spotlight: Alivia Salls C’23

Alivia Salls C’23

What attracted you to Drew? 

I was born and raised in Vermont and was attracted to Drew’s proximity to New York City and all the opportunities it offered.

What made you choose Business as a major and Performing Arts Administration as a minor?

I am interested in the management of theatre as a business.  My end goal is to open a theatre company someday so majoring in business seemed like the best option.

What are a few highlights of Drew?  

The opportunities Drew provides are endless. Regardless of your major there are tons of ways you can be connected to internships, mentors, NYC, travel abroad options, etc. Another highlight is that since Drew is such a small school it is very easy to find a community you feel comfortable and welcomed in.

What issue in the world means the most to you? 

One issue that means the most to me is the oppression of women and especially women of color. One of the biggest ways this is prominent is on the regulations on women’s bodies. There are zero laws regulating men’s bodies but women are constantly being told what they can and cannot do. It is even harder for women of color or of any minority group to find the proper care and be treated with equal respect as a man would be.

What are your career goals?

 I hope to be working for theaters in NYC in some capacity and living there as well.

Fun fact you would like to share? 

One time I performed at the Fringe Festival world’s largest performing arts festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were in London for the first 3 days and saw a show on Broadway, and took a bus to Edinburgh and lived in a dorm. As a group we performed a flash mob and did a workshop with a group called Baby Wants Candy, an improv musical group.  We went to St. Andrews. I thought Scotland was incredible and would love to go back.  I would love to do the London shortTREC.



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