Yoga, help lines, virtual social hours: Strategies to support staff through COVID-19

  • As coronavirus virus-related school closures continue to disrupt the nation’s education system, even veteran teachers are feeling pressure, exhaustion and stress — but educators like Michele Lew, an assistant principal at Arcadia High School outside of Los Angeles, have developed unconventional solutions to support staff.
  • Lew writes for Edutopia that her school implemented a staff help line manned by marriage and family therapist trainees, and it also offers drop-in 30-minute self-care and wellness sessions.
  • When staff reported missing the social connections that naturally occur on school grounds, Arcadia initiated biweekly virtual social hours. In addition, it partners with a middle school counselor who is a yoga instructor to hold weekly virtual classes, and teachers are lead through mindfulness and breathing exercises at the start of each staff meeting.
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Posted by Dawn LoMauro
Dawn LoMauro Operations Manager