Resilience of a First Generation Student: Five Lessons

First generation college students are often hardworking and adapt well to stress, but their well-being can suffer during the journey of adaptation. Learn and share five lessons from a first gen.

I could talk endlessly about being a first-generation college student. While being a ‘first gen’ has shaped my identity and work, it has also been extremely difficult and intimidating. Through my own struggle with resilience, I have learned some lessons that I want to share. I hope these lessons not only resonate with first gen students but also with others as well.

Let’s start at my senior year of high school. I knew nothing about applying for college and less about what college was like. I did not even know what the SAT or ACT was. What I did know was that my Calculus teacher offered free tutoring for these tests. I decided to attend the tutorials and slowly learned about these tests. Then, I realized I knew nothing about applying for college. I took it upon myself to google as much as I could and talk to some trusted teachers about the process. That time-period of my life is now an immensely stressful blur to me. I learned an important lesson about self-determination and willingness.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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