Developing a Student Employment Position

Thoughtful development of student employment positions can lead to a more fulfilling on-campus employment experience for both students and employers. At Drew, student employment positions are developed through completion of the steps below.

Determine the structure of a position

It’s helpful to consider the following questions when developing a student employment position:

  • How can student employees help my department meet our goals? What departmental goal would a student employee help you meet? What work could a student employee contribute that would help meet that goal? Who in your department is best suited to mentor the student to success?
  • Where can students contribute to the work of my department? Are there particular projects or duties that students can participate in that helps develop their skills and accomplish department goals? What are they? How would a student work on them? What would success look like?
  • What skills or expertise can my department help students develop? Are there certain transferrable skills that students will develop in this position? Will students develop specific technical knowledge? Are there opportunities for students to learn to use in-demand tools or software platforms?

Develop a job description

A clear job description allows students to determine the job best suited to their abilities and helps supervisors effectively manage student employees. Drew University uses a standard student employment job description common to all campus departments to promote a uniform and comprehensive view of student employment opportunities.

When developing a position, your job description must clearly convey the following:

  • description of the position and how it helps your department meet its goals;
  • The duties that a student would be expected to complete as an employee of the department;
  • A realistic list of skills required for the successful completion of required duties;
  • Any training or direction provided to ensure the student can successfully complete their required duties;
  • Expected transferrable skills that students will gain throughout the course of their employment with your department;
  • The Launch Career Community or Communities that this position most closely applies to.

Download a job description template here.

Prepare for recruitment

Once you’ve prepared a job description, consider the following:

  • When do you need this employee? What are the anticipated start and end dates of this position? How many hours per week will this position require a student employee to work? Would a student employee need to work specific hours, or does the position allow for flexibility within standard business hours?
  • How much will you pay this position? Effective January 1, 2020, student employment payroll is divided into three tiers:
    • Tier #1: $9.35/hour
    • Tier #2: $9.50/hour
    • Tier #3: $9.65/hour
  • Is this a Federal Work-Study position or a regular student employment position? Non-Federal Work-Study part-time positions may be funded through individual department budgets and on campus businesses.
Posted by Dan Loughrey
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