Hiring a Student Employee

The on-campus student employment hiring process is designed to mimic the process candidates undergo when applying for a full-time job or internship. As this may be a student’s first time applying for a professional position, employers are encouraged to view this process as a learning opportunity for potential candidates.

Reviewing Applications

Completed applications are automatically emailed to supervisors by Handshake. These application packets will include student profile data, resumes, and cover letters. As a best practice, the Center for Internships and Career Development recommends creating a folder within your email inbox to collect application packets as you receive them in order to stay organized.

When reviewing applications, it’s helpful to think realistically about how well the students skills match the needs of the position. On-campus student employment is a learning experience for students and may be their first professional position. By acting as a mentor and guiding them along their career development pathway, you not only prepare them for the world of work, but increase the student’s effectiveness and investment in your department’s position.

Conducting Interviews

Position interviews can be conducted at any time once applications are open and candidates have completed applications. Supervisors should give candidates advance notice of interview availability, who will be conducting the interview, and any requirements of the interview if appropriate.

Issuing a Decision

Once interviews have been completed and a decision has been made on which candidate or candidates to hire, please be sure to issue an offer to the successful candidate. This should include the anticipated start date, pay rate, and any additional information useful to the newly-hired employee.

As a courtesy, please update candidates not selected for the position. This communication should thank candidates for their interest in the department and position and should encourage them to continue searching for opportunities on Handshake.

Posted by Dan Loughrey
Dan Loughrey Assistant Director, Center for Career Development