Market Yourself As A Songwriter

Okay, let’s face it – nobody cares quite as much about your music career as you do.
Well, maybe your mom or dad. So, even though you are creating great music, it won’t get noticed unless you get it out there.
With the number of talented songwriters these days, it might seem impossible to get your songs heard. The good news is, it’s doable. You just have to learn some strategies on how to market yourself and your music.

When it comes to marketing yourself, one of the biggest blocks you might face as a singer-songwriter is insecurity, like maybe your songs, aren’t good enough or fear about sharing something so personal. We get it. Everyone feels insecure sometimes – you are not alone. If you can think of it as a chance to help others who don’t have the ability to put their emotions into songs, that will make it easier for you to be an advocate for your songs. One of the greatest rewards you can get as a songwriter is finding out that others connected with your message and your songs made their lives a little easier.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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