Club Spotlight: ARIEL, The Latinx Cultural Society

Student organization: ARIEL: The Latinx Cultural Society

Instagram: @drewsariel

Also you can find ARIEL: Latinx Cultural Society on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google Calendar

What year was your student organization founded?


What is the mission of your student organization? Why should students join your organization?

Established in 1983, ARIEL is a student led organization at Drew University that strives to promote diversity and inclusion within our community. As the Latinx Cultural Society, our purpose is to foster and promote inclusive cultural awareness by educating members of our society about the diverse histories and traditions of all Latin American countries.

What are some traditional events your organization hosts? Why do you enjoy them?

Día de los Muertos Event – Altar building and lunch/dinner with traditional Mexican food and Mariachi band Fiesta Navideña – Holiday party/dinner with Latinx food and music Noche de Fuego – Latinx dance party hosted in the Spring Fiesta del Barrio – End of the semester Latinx block party with diverse range of Latinx food and music and giveaways!

How does your student organization support its member and the greater Drew Community?

We support the Latinx community by giving them a family where they are welcomed to be themselves without judgement and support the greater Drew Community by giving them a safe space on campus.

What Launch Community (Identity/Affinity or Career) does your student organization align with most? Why?

We primarily identify with Ethnic/Racial Heritage because we are a cultural group that strives to give Latinx identifying individuals and those wanting to learn about Latinx Culture a family on campus. We also align with First-Generation, Gender & Sexuality, International Student, and Limited Resources.

What is the best way that students can learn more about your organization or join?

Primarily through Instagram or by emailing us at

What else would you like us to share about your student organization?

Stay up to date about our future events by checking out our social media, lots of giveaways to come this semester!!!

-Adriana Cordova

Posted by Hannah Faustmann
Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director, Center for Global Education Hannah Faustmann