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Student Organization: DrewFIRST

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What year was your student organization founded?


What is the mission of your student organization? Why should students join your organization?

DrewFIRST is a club centered towards the success of first generation college students. First generation students are defined as being the first in their families to attend a 4 year college or university. Students who identify as such struggle with the transition to college, and often find themselves feeling isolated and lacking the necessary support and resources to find their place. DrewFIRST hosts events and workshops that cater to professional, academic and social development for each student. The main goal for this program is to help first generation college students integrate into the Drew community.

What are some traditional events your organization hosts? Why do you enjoy them?

We would like to host bonding events with other first generation students such as by having picnics during the warmer weather, or having game nights. We also try and offer academic support such as hosting a Financial Aid workshop during October. Every May, we do a traditional First Gen Gala for graduating first gen seniors which encompasses a dinner for first gen seniors and their families. We would include a speaker at this event and potentially give out some awards. The goal is to shed light onto the success of their first gen journey at a four year institution. In the future, we would like to incorporate a mentorship opportunity for first gen new students and current Drew students. We also would like to continue building relationships with alumni who could guest speak at events or serve as professional mentors.

How does your student organization support its member and the greater Drew Community?

Through academic and social support, we aim to give first gen students the information they need to be able to access the resources they may not know are available to them. This also brings attention to faculty and staff to better understand how they can support the first gen community.

What Launch Community (Identity/Affinity or Career) does your student organization align with most? Why?

First Generation

What is the best way that students can learn more about your organization or join?

Following us on our Instagram page, or emailing us at

What else would you like us to share about your student organization?

The Executive Board members are all First Generation College students, thus are able to resonate with the firstgen community on a personal level and can cater to their experiences and concerns.

-Gabriella Ramirez

Posted by Hannah Faustmann
Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director, Center for Global Education Hannah Faustmann