Club Spotlight: Drew Roosevelt Network (DRN)

Student Organization: Drew Roosevelt Network (DRN)

Instagram- @drewrooseveltnetwork

What year was your student organization founded?


What is the mission of your student organization? Why should students join your organization?

Our Mission is to train, develop, and support emerging progressive policymakers, researchers, and advocates in the Drew community by supporting student-led, scalable policy campaigns that fight for the equitable provision, distribution, and accessibility of public goods at the campus, local, and state levels. Students should join our organization because it will be a great opportunity to learn more and get involved with issues they care about. The network is a welcoming environment with a solid group of other motivated students and access to local community organizers. Members will be able to gain skills from DRN’s variety of projects which are applicable to further policy work and general life skills.

What are some traditional events your organization hosts? Why do you enjoy them?

This academic year we have co-hosted informative talks in collaboration with the Law, Justice, and Society program. There were talks by Dr. Julian Wamble on “The Identity Politics/Post-Raciliaztion Paradox”, Dr. Shatema Threadcraft on “Black Death’s Public/Private Divide and Normative Black Feminine Embodiment”, and Alex Vitale on The End of Policing. We also did a presentation in collaboration with Black Lives Matter Morristown on “The History of Police”. Drew Roosevelt Network has had incredible speakers that are valuable for students to engage with. Even though all of our events thus far have been virtual, they have been well attended and engaging for audience members.

How does your student organization support its member and the greater Drew Community?

An important aspect of this group is learning how to work on projects like drafting letters to government officials or doing budget research. As a member of the group, it is nice to have fellow members to lean on for questions or support. The group works hard to be supportive of members regardless of their prior knowledge or experience. The Drew Roosevelt Network is also extremely beneficial to the greater Drew community because we address concerns that a lot of community members are curious about. Our group is a great resource through talks or projects for Drew members to learn more about what they hear in the media.

What Launch Community (Identity/Affinity or Career) does your student organization align with most? Why?

DRN’s work aligns well with the Social Impact, Education, Law & Government community. Our group is consistently working on the educational aspects of our projects, as well as the social impact our projects will have on law. Many of our projects were in collaboration with the Law, Justice, and Society program which helps our educational efforts for increasing awareness on a variety of topics.

What is the best way that students can learn more about your organization or join?

The best way that students can learn more is by accessing our Instagram account, @drewrooseveltnetwork. We have forms that are accessible on Instagram for people who want to sign up for specific projects or general involvement.

Posted by Hannah Faustmann
Hannah Faustmann Assistant Director, Center for Global Education