Weekly Engagement Opportunities

Club Spotlight: Drew Roosevelt Network (DRN)

DRN’s Mission is to train, develop, and support emerging progressive policymakers, researchers, and advocates in the Drew community by supporting student-led, scalable policy campaigns that fight for the equitable provision, distribution, and accessibility of public goods at the campus, local, and state levels.

As International Students joining  DRN  is a great opportunity to learn more and get involved with issues you care about. The network is a welcoming environment with a solid group of other motivated students and access to local community organizers. Members will be able to gain skills from DRN’s variety of projects which are applicable to further policy work and general life skills.

Learn more about DRN on Launchpad HERE.


Towards Racial Justice! 

You’re Invited to: A series of conversations on Race and Justice

Presented by : Law, Justice and Society Program and Department of Political Science and International Relations:

Situating the contemporary debate on immigration within America’s history of indigenous dispossession, chattel slavery, the Mexican-American War, and Jim Crow, Cristina Beltrán reveals white supremacy to be white democracy—a participatory practice of racial violence, domination, and exclusion that gave white citizens the right to both wield and exceed the law. Still, Beltrán sees cause for hope in growing movements for migrant and racial justice. 

Speaker: Cristina Beltrán 

“Cruelty as Citizenship: Insurrection and the Threat of White Democracy” 

This event will be held on Thursday, March 18, 7:00-8:30 PM (EST)

Zoom Link: https://drew.zoom.us/j/95335573217

Posted by Max Zhang
Max Zhang Experiential Education Specialist; Chinese Language & Culture Advisor