Which Marketing Career Is Right for You? 9 Common Jobs From Social Media to SEO

So you’d like to begin or deepen a career in marketing. Well, the good news is that the marketing industry is growing—and modern marketers can specialize in a wide variety of roles based on their unique skill sets.

As the industry changes, so does the make-up of each company’s marketing team, and you might be uncertain which direction you want to go. To help you decide what type of role you’re best suited for, I’ve outlined nine common positions within marketing, what folks in those positions do, and what you can do if you want to start down that path. I’ve worked in a few different kinds of marketing myself, including in social media and content marketing, and turned to other marketers, including some of my former colleagues at Contently, to learn more about their roles.

Keep an open mind as you decide which area of expertise you’d like to pursue, as many overlap with several others and draw on similar skills and qualities.

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Posted by Yasmin Acosta
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