Student Spotlight: Sidney Resnik ’22

Sidney Resnik C’22                                       

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York in an apartment near the Highline and Whitney Museum.

What attracted you to Drew?

I had three reasons! Firstly, I was attracted to Drew University’s Classics and Music programs. I met professors from both departments in my visits to campus and was excited to learn about Drew’s connection with an archaeological dig in Italy and the Steinway pianos and tutors on campus. Secondly, I enjoyed being in a green, wide open space with many places to study and learn. Lastly, Drew U. inducted me as a Baldwin Honors Scholar, which meant financial assistance as well as the opportunity to write a thesis about a subject I am passionate about.

Why did you choose Classics as a major?

I have collected American coins since childhood, and one teenage summer at camp my father mailed me some coin auction catalogs which he had received in the mail. I pored over these catalogs and that summer memorized all Roman emperors and their dates and deeds from 27 BCE to 400 CE. I have since moved into studying the coinage of ancient Greek city-states. This is how I first learned about Classics.

I am the kind of person who can absorb information very quickly, and I have always been spot on memorizing historical dates. As a result of my Classics courses, such as Ancient Law and Trials, I am learning that I have talents which could translate well into the field of law.

Have you done any internships?

I interned at the New York Historical Society in the summer of 2017 and I assisted the curator’s work in constructing the museum’s Vietnam War exhibit.

Do you have any mentors at Drew?

My piano instructor, David Iskowitz, who helped me develop my musical talents and for pointing me towards the music of the American Songbook.

Have you studied abroad? Done any short, long, or nycTRECs?

Through Drew University’s shortTREC program, I went to Italy in the summer of 2019. The program was called “Tasting Food and Culture in Italy” and was hosted by the Italian department. For three weeks we traveled through the Naples area in the south of Italy learning about Italian culture, history, and cuisine. My favorite places to visit were the ancient Greek settlements of Paestum and Velia, and the world-famous site Pompeii.

What issue in the world means the most to you?

Being environmentally responsible. In my Sophomore year I took a Humanities class about the importance of access to water in society. It reminded me of living through hurricane Sandy in 2012, when my street was flooded and my family lost power for eight days. Humans need to be more conscious of how their behavior affects the planet.

What are a few of your favorite memories of Drew? 

  • Performing the Harmonium, a folk instrument from Germany in the Shakespeare Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening in the winter of 2019-2020.
  • Performing in the Improv club.
  • I miss game nights and movie nights with my friends.

What advice would you give students who are just starting out that you wish you had when you started?

Stay informed. Read Drew Today, the School Newspaper, The Drew Acorn, and the U.T. Chronicles. Keep abreast of club events and campus guests. Stay in touch with what’s going on in your hometown.

What are your career goals? Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Two goals. First, I would like to make an impact in academia by publishing a book about a topic in Classics. Second, I would like to have my music compositions published.

Are there any fun facts you would like to share?

  • My favorite philosophy is Stoicism.
  • During the pandemic I started doing Pilates to keep fit.
  • I studied Spanish for several years. Today I use it to speak conversationally.
  • Being matched with a career community helped give me confidence to go up and talk to professionals at Launch career events. It also opened me up to the idea of having a career in New Jersey.
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