Graduate Student Scholarship Application for EREF is Now Open!

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation Graduate Student Scholarship is now open!

To complete the application, in one PDF document you should include!

  1. Scholarship application form: Download and complete the PDF version of this form.
  2. College transcripts: These do NOT have to be official transcripts.
  3. Autobiographical statement (500 words or less). Your statement must describe the following: how you got interested in solid waste or related topics, such as sustainability or environmental awareness; any experience you have in solid waste or related topics; any community service or volunteer activities you have performed; your career goals; any additional talents/interests you have that make you stand out as a candidate for an EREF scholarship.
  4. Research Statement (500 words or less): Please write a discussion of your research topic that includes project objectives and the work’s relevance to the advancement of solid waste management.
  5. CV or resume

Interested applicants should click here to apply!

Posted by Dunstanette Macauley-Dukuly
Dunstanette Macauley-Dukuly Launch Catalyst