Student Spotlight: Mollie Ankrom C’21

Mollie Ankrom C’21

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Hubei, China but raised in NJ.

What attracted you to Drew?

The beautiful campus, great professors, and the athletics.

Why did you choose Environmental Science and Sustainability as a major and Biology as a minor?

Originally I wanted to major in Biology, but after sophomore year I switched to an ESS major. I enjoy learning about science and the environment. I just think science is a very important part of our lives and it helps to understand what is going on.

How long have you been a runner?

I’ve been running since 7th grade. I have always been drawn to running because I find it fun. When I was younger it was a way to be competitive but also get all my energy out. More recently I find it’s more relaxing. It’s a time where I can think, and look around at nature and appreciate that I am able to run. Another thing I like is that it’s a non-contact sport, and running can be incorporated in everything. Very similar to Cross Country is track and field which I did for a couple years in high school. That was also a lot of fun.

Do you have any mentors at Drew?

I believe my biggest mentors at Drew is my academic advisor Professor of Environmental Studies Dr. Lisa Jordan and my Coach Zack Mower! They have helped and guided me throughout the years!

What issue in the world means the most to you?

There are many issues in the world but the biggest one is probably the climate crisis that is slowly occurring. That will have a big impact in the future.

What are a few of your favorite memories of Drew?

Dorming for a couple years, my classes, and my Cross Country team and the friends I have made.

What advice would you give students who are just starting out that you wish you had when you started?

I would say plan out a path that you think you might want to take early. It may change but it will also give you direction.

What are your career goals? Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

I would like to be an environmental manager at either a national park or environmental organization. I hope to be successful, and make an impact.

Are there any fun facts you would like to share?

I plan to continue my career at University of Denver, in their Masters in Environmental Management and Policy program with a concentration in natural resource management!

Posted by Yasmin Acosta
Yasmin Acosta Launch Catalyst