Onboarding Student Employees

Student Employee Onboarding Overview

The student employee on-boarding process has three goals:

  • Introduce student employees to the work that they will be participating in, as well as expectations and guidelines critical to their roles;
  • Ensure student employees and employers understand and comply with both University and government documentation requirements;
  • Provide ongoing training opportunities and resources for both student employees and employers.

Onboarding for Campus Supervisors

Immediately After Offer is Made and Accepted


Employers must complete the Campus Student Employment Placement Form prior to the student employee’s start date. This form helps the Center for Internships and Career Development coordinate document needs with other campus departments and must be completed each time a student is hired. Employers must still complete this form even if they are hiring a student for a second time or if a student has worked on campus before.

International students employed on campus must have their employers complete an ISSS New Hire Form prior to their start date to ensure appropriate visa regulations are upheld. More information can be found on the Office of International Student and Scholar Services website.

Prior to the start date


All student employees are treated as employees of the University and are required to complete the following documents:

  • A completed I-9 form verifies and authorizes an employee to work in the United States.
  • W-4 form (completed online) tells an employer how much federal income tax to withhold from each paycheck.

Both forms should be completed as part of the Oasis onboarding process (more on that here).

On-campus employee orientations


Drew University student employees must complete and understand the following forms as part of their orientation:

The University Confidentiality Agreement is stored electronically by the University. The Student Employment Agreement is also online, and must be completed separately by the student employee and the supervisor.


Supervisors are responsible for introducing new student employees to the department/office staff and any specific policies and procedures. Training should address the student’s specific responsibilities, such as answering the phone, sorting and distributing mail, utilizing specialized software, etc. It also is important for supervisors to discuss their expectations regarding attendance, punctuality, and general work performance with student employees when they begin employment. In addition, supervisors should promote the professional development of student employees and attendance at the SEED workshops. Many departments/offices have developed policies and procedures for their student employees. The Center for Internships and Career Development strongly encourages all departments/offices to develop a procedures manual for student employees.

Continued Training and Development

The Center for Internships and Career Development offers ongoing opportunities for employee and supervisor training. Be sure to consult the Launch Events calendar and our website for more information.

Posted by Dan Loughrey
Dan Loughrey Assistant Director, Center for Career Development