Faculty Internship Evaluator Expectations

Before the Internship Begins

  • At the beginning of the internship, the student may provide you with a confirmation form, or you can access it here. Your submission of this form indicates your willingness to serve as a faculty evaluator.  
    • If the student is seeking to meet a requirement for a major/minor program, their internship should be selected in consultation with the major/minor program director.
    • If you are working with an International Student, please inform them that they are required to complete documentation with the International Student and Scholar Services Office before beginning the internship.

During the Internship

  • Check in with student midway through the semester to review 
    • How the internship experience is progressing (Are they on track to meet their hours? Are the activities they are involved in supporting their development?)  
    • The expectations for the final assignment.

At the End of the Internship

  • At the culmination of  the internship, review the student’s final assignment, which includes reflective elements
    • For an internships applied to major/minor requirements – students must consult with department chair to identify the final assignment medium that meets the major/minor expectations
    • For all other internships, the final assignment can be a choice of:
      • Poster (template, which includes summary, mentor and reflection segments)
      • Coming soon – video and blog options
    • Provide a P/F grade for the final assignment through the grading form that will be sent to you by interns@drew.edu (or you can access the grade form here) by the grading deadline in accordance with the academic calendar

Additional Questions

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at interns@drew.edu!

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