Internship Supervisor Expectations

At the Beginning of the Internship

  • Fill out confirmation form, provided by student
  • Employers will ensure that their position is posted on Handshake (link how to create account and position posting)
  • Confirm the student has accepted the position on Handshake

During the Internship

  • Provides training and regular supervision, feedback and continued mentoring throughout the experience (link evaluation)
  • Provides a structure through which the majority of a student’s time is spent on career-related duties that further develop their skills and professional experience that adheres to the internship description and duties posted on Handshake (link to Handshake)
  • Allows interns to participate in professional development training as part of their employment
  • Gives student access to contextual information about the department and their internship role; if possible, provide them with opportunities to explore different functions
  • Makes themself available for an informational interview conducted by the intern

At the End of the Internship

  • Provides mid-internship and end of internship performance evaluations (link eval)
  • Assures that the student will have the necessary hours to meet the internship requirement, and signs off on all required timesheets 
  • Support the student(s) on projects and portfolio materials as needed

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to!

Posted by Jennifer Islam
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