Student Internship Expectations

Before the Internship Begins

  • Submit a completed Internship Registration Form
  • Submit learning contract (signed by internship placement supervisor and your chosen faculty evaluator) that specifies logistics of the internship and learning outcomes
  • Participate in a workshop on professionalism in the workplace

During the Internship

  • Midterm timesheet submission
  • Midterm evaluation by internship placement supervisor
  • Participate in Midterm Workshop: résumé/LinkedIn profile, and discussion of student experience in internship
  • Required draft of résumé and professional profiles (LinkedIn, DrewConnect) with current internship information

At the End of the Internship

All students are required to produce a culminating piece of their INTC 200 experience. What students complete will differ based on whether or not they will be receiving major/minor requirements:

  • If not completing internship for major/minor requirement, complete an Immersive Experience poster (see template) to be evaluated by a faculty member
  • If completing internship for major/minor requirement, consult with your department chair for academic requirements

Additionally, all students must submit:

  • A final verification of hours worked
  • Final performance evaluation completed by the internship supervisor
  • Finalized résumé and Linkedin profile including your new internship experience

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions or need further support, please email

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