Student Spotlight: Nargiz Abadzada C’24

Nargiz Abadzada C’24      

Where were you born and raised?


What attracted you to Drew?

I liked that Drew offered numerous opportunities for internships and  study abroad experiences. I also liked the small class sizes and the opportunity that provided to talk to professors one-on-one.  I liked the staff who helped me personally and professionally. Drew also has a beautiful and amazing campus, which made me feel at home. Lastly, I liked that most of the professors at Drew have excellent experience in their fields.

Why are you studying International Relations?

Since childhood I have always imagined myself working in politics & diplomacy and always wished to become one of the best diplomats in Azerbaijan to be a powerful leader for the betterment of my country. I was inspired to major in Law mainly by Professor Michael Sandel, while I was taking online courses at Harvard University in the field of Justice.

Do you have any mentors at Drew? 

Yes, my advisor, Max Zhang, has been helping me since my first semester at Drew and has provided me with many opportunities to develop myself. My other advisor, Michelle Coles, Student Services Coordinator for INTO, has also encouraged me to become a better version of myself.

What issue in the world means the most to you?

The problem of global poverty. It’s terrible that some people in the world own billions of dollars while others in the world are dying from poverty.

What are a few of your favorite memories of Drew?

My first favorite memory is when I came on campus for the first time and knew no one but somehow managed to make friends. This was challenging but at the same time so much fun. This was also the first time I had attended classes in person while wearing masks and maintaining social distance from every classmate.

How have your identities as an International Student and a student with Limited Resources affected your journey at Drew?

1) Being an international student is a bit difficult as I have been experiencing “culture shock”, going through financial challenges, and also challenges related to academics. 2) Because of having limited resources I need to find jobs, study harder to get a scholarship, and/or find financial aid or sponsors.

What advice would you give students who are just starting out that you wish you had when you started?

1) Do not get stressed when you have a lot of homework assignments. Take a lot of breaks. 2) Don’t try to learn everything day one of class,  don’t be wrapped up by the idea that you should know everything about your major, campus life, and social scene. You just need to be willing to learn as you go.

What are your career goals? Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

My main goal is to be accepted and study at Harvard University after graduating Drew University.

Are there any fun fact (s) you would like to share?

I came to America for the first time without any friends, relatives, or family members on a 15-hour flight with one stop. It was the second and craziest trip of my life.

I am multi-lingual.  Besides English, Azerbaijanian, Turkish and Russian languages, I am also learning German and Spanish.

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