Drew Theological School Launch Three New Dual-Degree Programs



October 2021 – Drew University and Drew Theological School have launched three new Dual-Degree programs.

The programs are part of six new options added to the University’s extensive offering of Dual-Degree programs with Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, and other partnering universities, including Columbia, NYU, and Duke.

Included in the offering are 4+1 Dual Degrees in Religion and Theology and Ministry. Participating students can dual enroll in four graduate courses during their junior or senior year, providing students with a significant head start toward completing their Master of Arts—and a savings on the corresponding cost.

In addition, Drew is offering a 3+3 Master of Divinity Dual-Degree program. Students in the program earn their bachelor’s degree from Drew after successfully completing 32 credits in the Master of Divinity program, and then earn their MDiv after successfully completing all requirements in the sixth year. Drew’s MDiv prepares students for Christian leadership in and for the world.

The Theological School’s Dual-Degrees are interdisciplinary and allow undergraduates to choose from any of Drew’s 60+ majors.

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All Theological School degrees are rooted in the long tradition of Wesleyan and Methodist commitment to higher education.



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