Caspersen School Student

Pursuing a graduate degree at Drew? While the first phase of Launch focuses on the undergraduate experience, the good news is that many of the benefits of Launch are available to you, right now, right here, on Launchpad. Other components of the program will eventually extend to students of the Caspersen and Theological schools.  

Explore powerful opportunities to advance your own academic goals and career development throughout the Launchpad site. Students in Caspersen master’s, doctoral and non-degree certificate programs may be particularly interested in:

The Career Communities pages are hubs for expanding your networks and connecting with events, resources and opportunities in 10 broad career areas.

The Identity/Affinity Communities pages offer curated spaces where people on shared experiences and pathways can create networks of support and opportunity.

The Mentors page provides a clearinghouse for expanding your personal and professional networks by finding—or becoming!—a mentor.

The Full-Time Jobs & Employers page is a great resources for job searches and research on possible career avenues.

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