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Welcome to Civic Engagement at Drew!

We connect education and action for the common good.

The Center for Civic Engagement serves Drew University and our communities as a resource, convener, and partner committed to connecting knowledge with action to improve our shared world. Working collaboratively with community organizations, we develop and support impactful partnerships. We invite you to explore, engage and build with us.

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Featured Classes

Drew Action Seminar II: Exploring Solutions

Prof. Amy Koritz, Lisa Jordan, Jonathan Golden
Focuses on problems identified in the fall semester. Engages students through readings and critical analysis, with the ethical questions raised…

Drew Action Seminar I: Thinking Through Problems

Prof. Amy Koritz, Jonathan Golden, Minjoon Kouh
Examines in-depth a few case studies of complex challenges relevant to all focus areas (civic/community, global, innovation), with brief introductions…

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Prof. Lisa Jordan
This course introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS): a combination of the hardware, software, and community involved in the collection, distribution,…

Food, Justice, and US Literature

Prof. Summer HArrison
This course examines the intersection of food, justice, and 20th/21st century U.S. literature in order to understand how our ideas…

Current Events and Contemporary France

Prof. Marie-Pascale Pieretti
This course explores Contemporary France. Through different themes central to French society it examines, for example, cultural diversity, gastronomy, education,…

Allied Against Hatred: Black-Jewish Relations in America

Prof. Jonathan Golden
The Civil Rights Era was known as a time of alliance and affinity between Jewish and Black people in America.…

Featured Resources

Serves resident and commuter students and is managed by Gionna Del Purgatorio C’20, our Drew AmeriCorps Changebuilder Coordinator in the Center …


Sandra Jamieson

Community-Based Learning Faculty,Mentor
  • Plainfield, New
  • Assistant Professor Colgate University

patrick McGuinn

Community-Based Learning Faculty,Mentor

Lisa Jordan

Community-Based Learning Faculty,Mentor

Alex Bajcz

Community-Based Learning Faculty,Mentor

Maliha Safri

Community-Based Learning Faculty

Melanie Haber

Action Scholars Mentor

Marwa Elessawy

Action Scholars Mentor

Kate Fulton-John

Action Scholars Mentor

Janak Malla

Action Scholars Mentor

Cassidy Conklin

Action Scholars Mentor

Alyssa Sileo

Action Scholars Mentor

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