We know from multiple research studies that helping you identify a “transferable” career purpose (a purpose you can apply across diverse experiences, opportunities or career paths) as well as strategies for your intended goals can significantly help you 

  • improve your grades
  • expand your ability to stay in college
  • strengthen your ability to graduate in four years
  • build your capacity to purposefully transition across the nearly 12 jobs you are expected to have in your lifetime 
  • be satisfied and successful throughout your career journey

This is the foundation of Drew 110, a Launch companion course for all first-year students. Through this course, Drew will help you begin to identify your purpose and design your plan—your Launch Plan. 

Each student’s Launch Plan is an online space private to you, your advisors, and your Drew 110 instructors. Here you will record your findings and make notes on what you’ve learned and researched not only during Drew 110, but also throughout the rest of your college experience as you plan and prepare for your college success and life after Drew.

The Launch Plan includes six areas critical to the identification of your general career purpose, the academic, career or service paths you would like to explore or pursue, and the action plan you begin to put in place to accomplish your career and life goals.

Your launch plan areas are the following: